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Abuse isn't only physical: the 4 kinds of abuse

Domestic violence is serious crime to be accused of committing. If you face a charge or allegations of abuse, then you need to know how to defend yourself. Before you can do that, you'll need to understand what domestic violence is and how it's committed.

Victims of domestic violence allegations deserve to be heard

Domestic violence is devastating to families, which is why you may want to begin thinking about how you can protect your mental and physical health after an attack. Violence in the home can put you on edge and make you feel like you're alone. That's not true, and there are many ways to handle your situation with grace and dignity.

Restraining orders can affect your ability to get hired or work

You were dating someone you cared about when she suddenly started acting oddly around you. You weren't sure what you did, but you decided to let things go. Not long after, you got into a verbal altercation with her, and she struck you with her palm. You didn't retaliate.

Are violent acts and substance abuse linked?

Intimate partner violence sometimes happens in conjunction with substance abuse or addiction. It makes sense, because when you're addicted to drugs or alcohol, they cloud your judgment. Intimate partner violence is a serious concern to the public, and it has the potential to disrupt both families and communities.

What happens after domestic violence accusations in Tennessee?

Domestic violence harms a victim, his or her family, friends and others. Its impact can be felt in many ways, from the stress of the danger the victim faces to the impact on a community. Domestic violence isn't just physical, though that is one of the types most obvious to others.

False allegations of domestic abuse hurt your reputation

When you're accused of domestic violence, it can quickly ruin your reputation. If you're in the midst of a divorce, your spouse might have used a claim like this to get the upper hand in a child custody dispute or might have made the claim to try to get more support from the courts in general.

A family-centered lawyer can help with domestic assault issues

Whether the accusations are completely false or grounded in reality, domestic assault allegations can have a long-lasting affect on your life and your personal relationships. Further, domestic assault is against the law in Tennessee, meaning a conviction will result in significant penalties.

The 4 kinds of domestic abuse you need to understand

You've been accused of many things in your life, but you never expected to be a young woman accused of domestic abuse. How could you be an abusive partner, when you're so much smaller than your husband? You've never physically attacked him, either. The truth is that there are multiple kinds of domestic violence and abuse. Typically, it's referred to as physical violence, but financial, emotional, sexual or physical abuse are all types as defined by law.

Domestic assault allegations affect your life and your freedom

It is an unpleasant fact that people are sometimes of accused of criminal acts they did not commit. Allegations of domestic assault run rampant in Tennessee -- some of them are legitimate, but many of them are not. What you need to understand is that any allegations of domestic assault will have an effect on your life, even without a conviction.

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