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Chattanooga Domestic Violence Lawyers

Spousal Abuse and Protective Orders

A domestic violence charge is something you must take seriously. When the police are called to a domestic dispute, someone will be arrested and taken to jail. A domestic violence conviction means potential jail time and losing the right to possess firearms. It may also ruin your relationship with your family.

The lawyers at Leonard M. Caputo, P.C., Attorneys at Law, represent men and women in Tennessee charged with domestic violence. We understand that this is often a complex issue involving violent crime, family law and, in some cases, alcohol or drug problems. We will work to sort out the problems that caused the domestic violence arrest. For a free consultation with a Chattanooga domestic violence attorney, please call 423-771-9956 or 800-783-4240, or contact us online.

Your Life Can Be Severely Disrupted

Orders of protection and no-contact orders are common in domestic violence cases. However, should one party decide not to prosecute, these orders could still be upheld by the court. If the offender violates an order of protection, he or she can go to jail. We can try to get it set aside or get the accused party acquitted when there is no need for these orders.

Many domestic violence cases are the result of family and financial stress. What may be a good relationship overall can suffer when one spouse loses a job, a family member falls ill or someone is struggling with drugs or alcohol. We can work with the family to determine the underlying cause of the domestic strife and when applicable, recommend counseling or other professional services.

When a couple is in the middle of a contentious divorce or child custody battle, domestic violence accusations may be used to try to gain an advantage in the family law case. We have seen this numerous times and will work to prove that the allegations are false in these situations.

Cleveland Order of Protection Violation Attorneys

To schedule your free consultation, please call 423-771-9956 or 800-783-4240.

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