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Chattanooga Federal & State Appellate Lawyers

Appealing Criminal Decisions in Tennessee State and Federal Courts

If a legal error occurred during your criminal trial and it had a significant, negative effect on the outcome, you may appeal. It is also possible to appeal a verdict if you believe there was not sufficient evidence to support it or if the sentencing did not adhere to state or federal guidelines.

At Leonard M. Caputo, P.C., Attorneys at Law, our federal and state appellate practice represents clients who seek to appeal federal and state criminal law decisions. We can also assist other law firms that do not handle criminal appeals. For a free consultation with a Chattanooga federal and state appellate attorney, please call 423-771-9956 or 800-783-4240, or contact us online.

How Does an Appeal Work?

Appealing a criminal court decision is a challenging task. The burden of proof lies with the party appealing the decision. You must provide credible evidence to support your assertion that a legal error negatively impacted the outcome of your case or that the evidence presented at trial did not support the verdict. Part of what makes this so challenging is that an appeal is not a new trial, but a review of the record of the original trial.

When the appellate court judges review the trial record, they may decide to:

  • Affirm the trial court's decision
  • Modify the ruling
  • Order a new trial
  • In rare circumstances, they may consider new facts or evidence
  • Reverse and dismiss the conviction

Depending on the appellate court's decision, you may be able to take further actions such as filing writs and other motions. Please speak with us to discuss these options.

In our practice, we have seen many cases involving unlawful traffic stops for drug and narcotic crimes on the interstate. Aggressive law enforcement sometimes stops vehicle for reasons such as having out-of-state plates, a rental car or because of racial profiling. A conviction based on an unlawful traffic stop may be appealed.

Cleveland Criminal Appeal Attorneys

To schedule your free consultation with one of our lawyers, please call 423-771-9956 or 800-783-4240.

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