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Chattanooga Juvenile Criminal Defense Attorneys

What Will Happen to Your Child's Future?

The goal of the juvenile justice system is to rehabilitate the minor. However, being charged as a juvenile is still a serious matter. Your child should have an attorney to protect his or her rights and fight to keep the case in the juvenile system.

At Leonard M. Caputo, P.C., Attorneys at Law, we represent juveniles charged with a wide range of crimes in Tennessee. We understand that a juvenile record can derail a child's future. Our attorneys work to keep the case in the juvenile justice system and to work with the family to address underlying issues such as drug use or family problems. For a free consultation with a Chattanooga juvenile criminal defense lawyer, please call 423-771-9956 or 800-783-4240, or contact us online.

Protecting the Rights of Your Child

Some crimes are unique to juveniles, but they can also be charged with many of the same offenses as adults. We represent children and teens charged with crimes such as:

Our goal is to keep the juvenile from being found delinquent, which is the juvenile justice equivalent of a conviction. We also strive to keep juveniles from being tried as adults. This is possible with serious offenses against a person, drug crimes or when someone has a lengthy juvenile crimes history.

Many people do not realize that juvenile cases are not tried in front of a jury. Instead, a judge hears the case and makes a decision. It is critical that your child's lawyer has experience in juvenile court and knows how to present these cases to the judge. Our firm is prepared to fight for your child in the juvenile or criminal justice systems.

Cleveland Juvenile Law Attorneys

To schedule your free consultation, please call 423-771-9956 or 800-783-4240.

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