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4 arrested after drug bust in Tennessee

Drug crimes never pay; if you get caught committing them, they're federal offenses. You face felony charges in many cases, which could impact your life in several ways. You may have to serve a mandatory minimum sentence, or you could end up with extreme fines.

That's what could happen in this case, according to the news from Feb. 5. The four people, ages 42, 43, 55 and 65, were indicted on charges including conspiracy to commit money laundering, distribute crack cocaine, possession with the intent to distribute (crack cocaine), and the distribution of crack cocaine.

Domestic assault: What it means in Tennessee

Domestic violence isn't just a singular term that describes one kind of act. It actually encompasses many different actions, which can seem confusing if you're accused of being violent to your spouse when you've committed no physical violence.

Domestic violence doesn't have to be physical, despite the name. Abuse is roughly defined as bringing harm to someone through cruelty, violence or misuse. Essentially, it's the mistreatment of a person.

What does Tennessee do to reduce dangerous driving behaviors?

The total number of traffic violations in Chattanooga has decreased for the fifth year in a row. That good news, released in early January 2018, points out that drivers are getting fewer speeding tickets. Additionally, enforcement initiatives are helping the police change how people drive on the whole as well as getting drunk drivers and speeding drivers off the roads.

A particularly dangerous stretch of road between Highway 58 and Interstate 75 is a constant source of complaints for residents. As a result, an enforcement act was taken that ended up costing 12 people their licenses. Another 17 received DUIs, while 68 were ticketed for speeding.

Drug cartels: Higher penalties for members participating in crime

If you're accused of transporting or distributing drugs, it's a good idea to find out how far the charges go. If you face allegations of being involved in a drug cartel, you could face additional charges on top of those related to drug trafficking.

Being a member of an organized crime ring is more serious than if you take action as an individual. As a result, some of the charges you could face alongside drug trafficking charges include embezzlement, theft, gambling, bribery, money laundering, assault and battery and others. These charges are often levied together, so you face more than just a simple trafficking charge.

Alleged abuse claim leads to police chase across state lines

An aggravated assault suspect has been arrested after he was involved in a police chase that ended up crossing from Georgia into Tennessee. According to the news from Jan. 22, the Trenton City Police Department in Georgia received a call that there had been shots fired. The dispatcher reported that the suspect had allegedly physically assaulted a woman and then shot several rounds out of his gun. It was believed that he also attempted to hit her with his vehicle.

The 33-year-old male fled the scene in a 1993 Toyota Corolla, and the police were unable to stop him. He traveled on to I-59 north and entered Tennessee. Officers followed as the Tennessee Highway Patrol became involved. They laid down spike strips, but the man was able to evade them.

Using a gun during a crimes leads to harsher penalties

The United States protects your right to obtain and own a firearm, but there is a limit as to what people can do with them. When it comes to violence, firearms are a major cause of serious and fatal injuries. In cases involving individuals who have used weapons, the courts often come down hard, penalizing them to the fullest extent of the law.

In 2011, 467,321 people were victims of gun crimes. The Federal Bureau of Investigation collected statistics that showed that 68 percent of murders involved firearms and that 21 percent of aggravated assaults involved firearms. Handguns in particular tend to be used in homicides in the United States as well.

A defense help protect your freedoms after a DUI charge

Drunk driving is a danger to people on the roads, and Tennessee has laws that work hard to prevent individuals from getting hurt due to drink driving. The good news about drunk driving in America is that the total number of fatalities from these crashes has reduced over time, dropping 57 percent between 1982 and 2014. The bad thing is that people are still making the mistake of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Tennessee is not the most aggressive state when it comes to drunk driving laws, but it has its fair share of tough penalties. Tennessee ranks 19th in the United States for the strictest laws. Compared to Ohio, it's tough; Ohio ranks 49th out of 51, which includes Washington, D.C.

Domestic violence: Tennessee facts

Domestic violence is defined as being when someone intends to intimidate, batter, assault, sexually assault or abuse another person who is an intimate partner or in the home. Domestic violence may occur between anyone in a household, but it's most likely to involve romantic partners, either current or past.

Around one in three women have suffered physical violence by a partner, while one in four men have, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). Tennessee's law enforcement agencies reported 74,023 domestic violence reports in 2014. It's believed that many others went unreported.

Tennessee reports 25 percent increase in firearm-related crimes

If you are caught with an illegal weapon or a gun you're not legally allowed to own, you can get into trouble with the law. It's particularly difficult to get away with owning a weapon you're not supposed to have when the number of crimes involving guns is increasing. That's the case in Tennessee, which is why it's so important to defend yourself if you're caught with a gun illegally.

When you carry an illegal weapon, you violate the law and put your safety and freedoms at risk. With the authorities on high alert due to the total number of firearm-related offenses, now is not the time to get caught. If an officer catches you, you could face harsher penalties as the authorities attempt to crack down on crimes taking place in the state.

Accused of selling mixed-bag drugs? Defend yourself now

Living in Tennessee, you know that there are many new drugs cropping up. As someone accused of a drug crime, it may come as a surprise when you're accused of having an illicit substance mixture when you've never even heard of it.

If you've traveled with someone recently or had friends in your vehicle, that could explain why there are drugs in your vehicle while you're not a drug user. Fortunately, you can use that as a defense.

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