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Kratom is illegal in Tennessee and several other states

Tennessee's laws are hard on drugs for a reason; when they're not, new drugs hit the market and begin to infiltrate the state. One such drug has recently been in the news. It's an opioid-like drug, and because it is not an opiate, much easier to get. Called Kratom, this drug is legal in states such as Georgia. However, it is now illegal in Tennessee.

Why is Kratom illegal? It's simple. It doesn't show up on most drug tests. The Catoosa County Coroner has claimed that the drug is a gateway drug, though that has not been verified through research. Online, people claim that Kratom helps treat pain and isn't addictive. Others believe differently.

Police: Losing weapons that turn up in later crimes

Agencies are answering for dozens of missing police guns, at least one of which has been found following a homicide. It's a mistake for the police to leave their weapons in places where they can be stolen. When they are, it leaves others vulnerable to weapons crimes.

Sometimes, people who use these guns get away, because the gun owner is the only person registered. That person's fingerprints may be the only ones on the weapon if the person who used it last was careful. This leads to further issues, of course, including wrongful accusations of being involved in violent acts.

What should you consider about domestic abuse?

Domestic violence and abuse are horrifying for victims and also a sign that the perpetrator needs assistance. There is no excuse for verbal, physical or other forms of abuse. While there are people who are falsely accused, those who are not falsely accused need to obtain help to help them manage their own emotions. Victims need assistance to get out of the dangerous situation and to get their lives back on track.

The trouble with domestic abuse is that it's often portrayed as only being physical in nature. The truth is that there are several forms of domestic abuse including, but not limited to, physical, emotional and financial abuse. Identifying all the forms of abuse is important for those who may be subjected to it, but it's also important for anyone in a relationship to understand the kinds of abuse. Someone could fall into patterns of abuse without even realizing that is what they're doing.

Tennessee has gun laws to protect its people and your rights

Tennessee has many gun laws, despite being a firm advocate for your Second Amendment rights. There are guns that are illegal to own in the state as well as requirements for people who wish to own guns in some cases.

For example, convicted felons who went to prison for a year or longer may not own guns. They can obtain a gun legally if they are pardoned or if the conviction is expunged in the future, however. People who are wanted by the law, fugitives, may not be in possession of weapons. Those with unsound minds, which equates to mental health disorders of a severe nature, cannot obtain firearms. Minors may not own guns under most circumstances, and those who have addictions to drugs or alcohol may not possess firearms. If you are convicted for selling alcoholic beverages illegally, you cannot own a gun in Tennessee.

Man faces DUI charge for hitting police cruiser

When you see a police officer on the side of the road, what do you do? Do you give him or her more space? Do you move over a lane when possible? If you do, that's good, because it's the law. When people don't follow that law, it can result in serious consequences in the form of a collision with injuries or fatalities.

An accused drunk driver is facing allegations of totaling a Chattanooga police officer's vehicle in a collision. The crash happened when the officer was responding to the scene of a disabled vehicle on the highway. He was in his vehicle drawing up some paperwork when the other vehicle collided with his from behind.

How many crimes are related to drug use in Tennessee?

When you started taking drugs, it was because you needed to stop the pain related to a recent accident. Your medical provider wouldn't give you enough of your prescription medications to get through the month, so you had to look elsewhere.

No one can blame you for wanting to put an end to your pain, but drugs are illegal for a reason. If you're accused of illegally possessing prescription medications or illegal drugs, then it's important to defend yourself and your actions to avoid jail or other penalties.

Man saves lives with license to carry gun

Some people believe that guns can save lives, and there may be a good reason for that based on this story. According to Fox News, a 22-year-old man with a license to carry stopped a church shooting in Tennessee.

The young man fought off the attacker barehanded at first, but after the gunman injured himself, returned to his vehicle and brought his own weapon back into the church. There, he held the intruder at gunpoint until the police arrived.

Abuse isn't only physical: the 4 kinds of abuse

Domestic violence is serious crime to be accused of committing. If you face a charge or allegations of abuse, then you need to know how to defend yourself. Before you can do that, you'll need to understand what domestic violence is and how it's committed.

If you are arrested on the assumption that you've committed domestic violence, you may believe that you're being accused of physical violence. That's not necessarily the case. There are several kinds of domestic abuse that you could be accused of committing. These include emotional, sexual, economic and physical.

Facing drug charges? Know your rights and fight back

There are various kinds of drug charges you could face if you're caught in possession or using drugs. One of the kinds of crimes you may not have realized you could face is one for paraphernalia. This is a charge that doesn't actually require any drugs to be present. Paraphernalia includes items such as syringes, rolling papers, pipes and bongs. Each case involving these products should be handled individually and based on the facts, because there could be reasons for someone to have these products without using them with drugs.

Possessing drugs is another crime that could get you into trouble. Possession of marijuana, cocaine or heroin can result in a charge. Other types of possession, like possessing prescription medications without a prescription, can also lead to penalties.

Victims of domestic violence allegations deserve to be heard

Domestic violence is devastating to families, which is why you may want to begin thinking about how you can protect your mental and physical health after an attack. Violence in the home can put you on edge and make you feel like you're alone. That's not true, and there are many ways to handle your situation with grace and dignity.

No matter what your circumstances are, you have a right to safety. Start by developing a safety plan, which gives you a way out if things are violent at home. For example, have a location you can go to for someone to pick you up, a safe housing option and a packed bag with keys, clothing and other necessary items. Code words are also important, so you can signal that you're in trouble without letting the abuser know your intentions.

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