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Tennessee among worst states for gun crimes, deaths

When thinking about where gun crimes happen, the city of Chicago may be the first place that comes to mind. However, the worst place for gun crimes and gun-related deaths is actually a little closer to home. Tennessee is regarded as one of the worst states for gun crimes and gun deaths, according to multiple reports.

In 2013, Tennessee was one of 16 states that recorded more gun deaths than motor vehicle deaths. This number comes despite 90 percent of American households owning a car versus just one-third of households owning a gun. Although the murder rate is at its lowest in more than fifty years, the rate of gun ownership has tripled across the state.

Rates of aggravated assault are high in Tennessee

Other than for purposes of self-harm, guns were used most often to commit an assault or homicide. Accidental or undetermined intent was the cause of just 38 of 1,018 firearm related deaths in 2013. Although the Second Amendment protects the citizens' right to bear arms, federal and state laws can criminalize the wrongful use or sale of a firearm.

Residents of Tennessee are more likely to be a victim of aggravated assault with a firearm than in any other state, according to a 2011 report. Because the rate of serious incidents is so high in our state, law enforcement and criminal prosecutors do not take incidents of gun violence lightly.

Ask to speak with an attorney if arrest for gun crimes

There are certain legal defense strategies you can use to protect yourself from unfair treatment by law enforcement or a criminal court. The law is not designed to allow suspects to get away with gun crimes; instead, it allows every person their right to due process throughout a trial and investigation.

Often, suspects want to cooperate with the police and tell the truth. Although telling the truth can work in your favor, you should consult with an attorney before making any statement. You have a right to remain silent. Do not speak or sign a written statement without a criminal defense attorney present.

Be firm in your request for an attorney. Fighting charges of gun crimes is an uphill battle, but with the right criminal defense strategy, an attorney can ensure your right to due process.

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