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What to do if you are facing domestic assault allegations

Even though the holiday season is behind us, you may be among the many people in Tennessee dealing with the aftermath of a serious altercation that took place in recent weeks. As noted in this article in The Atlantic, the holidays are a time when we see a spike in domestic assault claims.

Holidays have a tendency to create drama, increase tension and put feuding parties in close quarters. All of this can lead to situations where spouses, parents, relatives, partners and even roommates lash out or react in dangerous or ill-advised ways. At the end of it all, people can be faced with arrests and/or false abuse allegations. 

Rather than continuing to attack or provoke the others involved in these situations, it is generally best to take more legally appropriate and effective steps to address the claims that have been made if you are the one facing criminal charges.

  1. Stay calm. While you may be mad or feel betrayed by the accusing party, launching any aggressive or physical response could only make matters worse. Remember that you have the right to defend yourself and explain your side, even if it may not seem like it right away.
  2. Follow police and court orders. Disobeying police or violating protective orders can result in additional charges. Such behaviors can also send a message to the courts that you are impulsive, reckless and potentially dangerous, which can damage your case.
  3. Consult an attorney. An attorney can help you avoid mistakes like making incriminating statements to police while advising you of your rights. With legal representation, you can take steps to protect yourself, your family, your criminal record and your freedom.

Whether you have a history of abuse or have been falsely accused of violent behavior, you need to take your situation seriously. It won't take much for these situations to get worse, but you can avoid this and preserve your reputation by reacting appropriately and securing legal counsel. 

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