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Arrested for DUI in Tennessee? Know your constitutional rights

In the eyes of many Chattanooga residents, an arrest for DUI/DWI is not a big deal. After all, it happens all the time and no one seems any worse for the wear. The problem is that you are probably not getting the whole picture and do not understand the challenges facing those convicted of a DUI.

In our legal practice, we have gained an intimate understanding of how DUI/DWI arrests and convictions can change the lives of defendants. Often, they suffer from extreme embarrassment made worse by severe blows to their reputations. Worse, they may be punished harshly for their mistake leading to loss of driving privileges, costly fines and even time in jail.

In an effort to get the whole experience over with, many defendants risk their constitutional rights, often without even realizing what they have done. We want you to understand your rights so that you are equipped to protect them if you are arrested for DUI in Tennessee.

Your Fourth Amendment rights say that an arresting officer must have reasonable suspicion for stopping you. Further, the officer must be able to explain this suspicion clearly.

Your Fifth Amendment rights come into play so that you will not incriminate yourself during the arrest. You may recognize this as your right to remain silent.

Your Sixth Amendment rights guarantee that you have access to legal counsel if you are arrested. Often, this means the state will appoint a public defender to work on your behalf.

Anytime law enforcement personnel violate your constitutional rights, it will have a direct impact on your case, often for the good. However, if you do not know your rights were violated, then you cannot address the matter. This is why it is wise to seek advice from a criminal defense attorney about your arrest.

You can read more about DUI/DWI arrests in TN by exploring our website.

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