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What you need to know about drug trafficking/ distribution

The United States has been engaged in a "war on drugs" for over four decades. Perhaps spurred on by the drug culture that emerged so flamboyantly during the 1960s, President Nixon declared a war on drugs in 1971. Since that time, lawmakers have increasingly tried to up the ante for Americans arrested for drug crimes.

As you might expect, drug trafficking/distribution is one of the most serious drug crimes in the nation. When people think about drug trafficking, most of them picture some dangerous people in foreign countries who smuggle drugs into America. Equally dangerous people in this nation receive these drugs and distribute them to U.S. citizens.

While this is indeed an example of drug trafficking, you need to know that even residents of Chattanooga can be arrested on charges of drug trafficking or distribution. Say a Tennessee police officer stops you and finds drugs on your person or in your car. If the officer believes that you intend to distribute these drugs or transport them, he or she could arrest you on suspicion of trafficking or distribution.

These are felony charges. If convicted, defendants could end up serving several years to life in prison. Further, the federal government could become involved in your case. This means that you could find yourself in serious danger of losing your freedom for a long time. In fact, it has been shown that "lower level" drug dealers typically receive a harsher sentence than those who were convicted of dangerous and violent crimes.

As you can see, allegations of drug crimes centered on trafficking and distribution are not to be taken lightly. For your own protection, you should consider hiring an experienced criminal defense lawyer to ensure that your liberty and your lifestyle remain intact.

Source: FindLaw, "Drug Trafficking/Distribution," accessed March 03, 2017

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