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These 3 techniques identify guns and ammo at crime scenes

If you're accused of a gun crime, one of the things you may be interested in is knowing how the gun was linked to the crime scene. Since there are multiple ways to link guns to crime scenes, it's vital that the prosecution is able to show how your weapon got there.

What happens after domestic violence accusations in Tennessee?

Domestic violence harms a victim, his or her family, friends and others. Its impact can be felt in many ways, from the stress of the danger the victim faces to the impact on a community. Domestic violence isn't just physical, though that is one of the types most obvious to others.

What happens if you're convicted of drunk driving in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, being charged with a DUI can threaten to change your life forever. If you're driving dangerously, a police officer can pull you over and request a breath sample. The state implied consent law allows the police to determine your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) on request.

Gun crimes: Study shows advocates have the right idea

Guns get a bad reputation in the United States due to the actions of a few. Gun crimes are incredibly dangerous, but they're often not a result of people owning guns legally, according to a new study. According to an analysis by the University of Pittsburgh, lawful gun owners actually commit less than a fifth of all gun crimes that take place in the U.S.

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