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These 3 techniques identify guns and ammo at crime scenes

If you're accused of a gun crime, one of the things you may be interested in is knowing how the gun was linked to the crime scene. Since there are multiple ways to link guns to crime scenes, it's vital that the prosecution is able to show how your weapon got there.

If it's not easy to prove that your gun was at a crime scene, then there may not be enough evidence against you to pursue the charge. There are at least six ways to link guns and their ammo to the crime scene. Here are three to know about.

1. Gunpowder residue

Gunpowder residue can be used to prove if a death was caused by suicide or not. When a person uses a gun in a suicide, he or she should have powder marks on the hand holding the gun. If there are no powder patterns, it's simple to rule out suicide.

2. Firing pin impressions

Another thing that makes a difference at the scene of the crime is the firing pin's impressions. When a gun is fired, the pin leaves impressions on the primer. The type of mark, size of the mark and the alignment can be different depending on the age of the gun. That helps the police and forensic team identify which gun was used to fire a bullet.

3. Fingerprints

As you load bullets into a gun, you leave tiny fingerprints and sweat behind. When the bullet is fired, the fingerprints permanently etch into the casing of the bullet, helping the forensic team identify the shooter.

If you're accused of firing a weapon, the act needs to be linked to you for the prosecution to get a conviction. With the right support, you can defend yourself against the allegations, so you face only penalties you deserve.

Source: Forensic Outreach, "6 Remarkable Ways Guns Can Be Linked To A Crime Scene," Maura Ewing, accessed June 30, 2017

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