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Restraining orders can affect your ability to get hired or work

You were dating someone you cared about when she suddenly started acting oddly around you. You weren't sure what you did, but you decided to let things go. Not long after, you got into a verbal altercation with her, and she struck you with her palm. You didn't retaliate.

Not long after that happened, you found yourself at the receiving end of an assault complaint, even though she was the one who assaulted you. You have a restraining order against you for no reason other than her lies.

How is a restraining order going to affect your job or job search?

Restraining orders may or may not affect your employment, depending on a few factors. For example, a restraining order might become a public document, which would then be accessible by your employer. Depending on the type of restraining order against you, it may or may not appear in a background check, which could impact your chances of being hired for a position.

A restraining order may impact a job you already have if you're required to carry a gun. Some restraining orders require that you do not carry firearms, which could impact your job if you're a police officer, security guard or someone else who requires a gun on the job. Sometimes, it may be possible to be reassigned to a position where not having a gun won't matter, but that's not always the case.

False allegations are illegal and impact you in all kinds of negative ways. You can fight back to make sure your name is cleared.

Source: Career Trend, "How do restraining orders affect employment?," Sunita Kaul Zutsh, accessed Aug. 09, 2017

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