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What happens if you're falsely accused of gun crimes?

Being falsely accused of a gun crime can make it hard for you to protect your reputation. You may have to spend time and energy defending yourself, and that could mean spending less time doing the things you need to do to live comfortably. A false allegation can mean being arrested, missing work and being impacted in other ways.

For example, if you are accused of threatening someone with a gun, you could find the police at your doorstep. Maybe not surprisingly, your name could be spread by the media, but the person who accused you may not have his or her name spread because of being an alleged victim and needing protection.

What happens after a false allegation of gun crimes?

You could be required to take random Breathalyzer tests, which means you won't be able to drink alcohol anymore. You may have to fund your defense with your savings, which could mean putting off retirement or living outside your comfort zone until you can resolve the case.

What should you do if you're accused of a gun crime?

Be prepared by knowing what you'll do if you're ever arrested. Know who to call, have an attorney in mind and know the laws in your state. Remember that you have the right to remain silent, and it's not your job to prove that you're innocent. Instead, it is the prosecution's job to prove that you aren't.

Your attorney can help you prepare for the next steps in your case, so you know what to expect. With the right help, you can have the truth revealed.

Source: Ammoland Shooting Sports News, "When You’re Falsely Accused of a Gun Crime – 12 Things You Need to Know," accessed Aug. 22, 2017

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