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Are gun crimes increasing in Tennessee?

Being accused of a gun crime can mean that your right to possess a gun is threatened. It's within your rights to challenge any accusation against you. Why are gun charges so serious today, though, when they seemingly weren't in the past? This is a change as a result of the following information.

According to data from 2014, more people have died from gunshots in Tennessee than car accidents. If that seems shocking, it is. The last decade has seen a rise in gun-related deaths, accidental shootings, suicides and homicides. Overall, the number of people hit by cars has decreased.

Between 2004 and 2014, the number of gun-related deaths in Tennessee grew from 865 to 1,020. While a growing population could be to blame, it's concerning that the total number of vehicle-related deaths actually dropped during the same time period. If population itself was to blame, there would potentially be a rise in all types of deaths, regardless of the cause.

With a lack of gun regulations, some believe that these crimes will continue to occur. In the 1960s, the United States began to take time to address the growing concern about vehicular accidents, and today, the drop in accidents shows how some measures have helped reduce the carnage. Since the same has not happened with guns, it is possibly why gun crimes are still growing in number.

The numbers show that the majority of gun-related deaths are a result of suicides, so gun violence may not be as it appears. Despite that, the reported number of gun-related deaths continues to grow with little to show how those deaths can be prevented.

Source: TimesFreePress, "More people shot to death in Tennessee than killed by vehicles," Shelly Bradbury, accessed Sep. 01, 2017

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