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Facing drug charges? Know your rights and fight back

There are various kinds of drug charges you could face if you're caught in possession or using drugs. One of the kinds of crimes you may not have realized you could face is one for paraphernalia. This is a charge that doesn't actually require any drugs to be present. Paraphernalia includes items such as syringes, rolling papers, pipes and bongs. Each case involving these products should be handled individually and based on the facts, because there could be reasons for someone to have these products without using them with drugs.

Possessing drugs is another crime that could get you into trouble. Possession of marijuana, cocaine or heroin can result in a charge. Other types of possession, like possessing prescription medications without a prescription, can also lead to penalties.

Dealing drugs is usually seen as the worst offense you can make. Why? Selling drugs spreads them throughout communities and puts others at risk. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), sets the federal penalties for drug dealing and trafficking. Selling a small amount of drugs typically results in fewer penalties, but there are often minimum sentences and high fines with any drug sale conviction.

Everyone's situation is different, which is why it's important to present your side of events if you're facing a charge in court. Appearances aren't everything. There could be good explanations for you possessing certain medications or drugs or reasons why you gave them to others. You deserve the chance to be heard and treated as an individual in court. Our website has more on what to do if you face drug charges.

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