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How many crimes are related to drug use in Tennessee?

When you started taking drugs, it was because you needed to stop the pain related to a recent accident. Your medical provider wouldn't give you enough of your prescription medications to get through the month, so you had to look elsewhere.

No one can blame you for wanting to put an end to your pain, but drugs are illegal for a reason. If you're accused of illegally possessing prescription medications or illegal drugs, then it's important to defend yourself and your actions to avoid jail or other penalties.

Around 80 percent of crimes in Tennessee are related to drugs. When it comes down to it, it's believed that there are around 800 methamphetamine labs in the state. Heroin use is on the rise and putting the state's people in danger. One of the newest dangers is fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid some are using to lace heroin. The potent drug can kill at extremely small dosages. It can even kill by passing through the skin of unsuspecting people.

Illegal narcotics aren't the only problem in Tennessee. Prescription drug abuse is another major issue. Tennessee is ranked third in the United States for prescription drug abuse. Around 5 percent of all people in the state have used prescription pain medications in the last 12 months for non-medical purposes. Around 70 percent of those people get the drugs from family members or friends.

Drug abuse leads to lasting damage. It affects individuals, the economy and the environment. If you're caught in possession of drugs, you need to defend yourself or risk facing serious penalties.

Source: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, "Drugs," accessed Oct. 13, 2017

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