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Tennessee has gun laws to protect its people and your rights

Tennessee has many gun laws, despite being a firm advocate for your Second Amendment rights. There are guns that are illegal to own in the state as well as requirements for people who wish to own guns in some cases.

For example, convicted felons who went to prison for a year or longer may not own guns. They can obtain a gun legally if they are pardoned or if the conviction is expunged in the future, however. People who are wanted by the law, fugitives, may not be in possession of weapons. Those with unsound minds, which equates to mental health disorders of a severe nature, cannot obtain firearms. Minors may not own guns under most circumstances, and those who have addictions to drugs or alcohol may not possess firearms. If you are convicted for selling alcoholic beverages illegally, you cannot own a gun in Tennessee.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) does require a $10 fee for anyone who wishes to purchase a gun. This fee covers a background check that verifies that the individual is allowed to purchase a firearm. In no case are people allowed to own machine guns, short-barreled rifles or shotguns, silencers, or explosive weapons as civilians.

As someone accused of a gun crime, it's important to defend yourself right away. Every situation is different, and it would be unfair to group you with criminals based on assumed intentions. You have a right to explain yourself and to defend your case. Our website has more information.

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