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Why is fentanyl so dangerous for the opioid crisis?

You have probably heard by now that America is in an opioid crisis. This crisis refers to the excessive use of prescription and nonprescription opioid drugs like heroin, oxycodone and others. Many people have found themselves addicted to prescription pain medications, which later led to the need to take illicit drugs once their prescriptions were no longer refillable.

Kratom is illegal in Tennessee and several other states

Tennessee's laws are hard on drugs for a reason; when they're not, new drugs hit the market and begin to infiltrate the state. One such drug has recently been in the news. It's an opioid-like drug, and because it is not an opiate, much easier to get. Called Kratom, this drug is legal in states such as Georgia. However, it is now illegal in Tennessee.

Facing drug charges? Know your rights and fight back

There are various kinds of drug charges you could face if you're caught in possession or using drugs. One of the kinds of crimes you may not have realized you could face is one for paraphernalia. This is a charge that doesn't actually require any drugs to be present. Paraphernalia includes items such as syringes, rolling papers, pipes and bongs. Each case involving these products should be handled individually and based on the facts, because there could be reasons for someone to have these products without using them with drugs.

3 arrested for drug-related crimes in Sullivan County

When you're on probation or are performing community service in lieu of a prison sentence, it's important to make sure you follow the rules of that probation. If you violate probation, then you could face further charges and incarceration. That's what may happen in this case in which at least three people are facing charges for drug crimes.

Nature's fury wreaks havoc on Tennessee man growing pot

The tornado that struck Decatur County, Tennessee, during the last week of March caused a great amount of damage. In fact, one resident may lose more than just the mobile home destroyed during the storm. He may lose his freedom as well if he is convicted of the drug crimes he may soon face.

Did your friend get you in trouble for crack possession?

Let's say you're riding with a friend in his car on the way to work in the morning. You've done it every day for years because it's a great way to save on gas and tolls. Unbeknownst to you, though, your friend is addicted to crack cocaine. The drug, as well as several crack pipes, are rolling around underneath your passenger seat.

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