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Violating the law could cost you your license

You weren't making the best decision when you decided to drive after drinking with your friends. You didn't think you were over the limit, though, and you felt fine when you were leaving the bar. Several minutes later, it was like the alcohol hit you all at once. You swerved a few times, which alerted the police to your state. You were pulled over moments later.

What does Tennessee do to reduce dangerous driving behaviors?

The total number of traffic violations in Chattanooga has decreased for the fifth year in a row. That good news, released in early January 2018, points out that drivers are getting fewer speeding tickets. Additionally, enforcement initiatives are helping the police change how people drive on the whole as well as getting drunk drivers and speeding drivers off the roads.

A defense help protect your freedoms after a DUI charge

Drunk driving is a danger to people on the roads, and Tennessee has laws that work hard to prevent individuals from getting hurt due to drink driving. The good news about drunk driving in America is that the total number of fatalities from these crashes has reduced over time, dropping 57 percent between 1982 and 2014. The bad thing is that people are still making the mistake of getting behind the wheel while intoxicated.

Man faces DUI charge for hitting police cruiser

When you see a police officer on the side of the road, what do you do? Do you give him or her more space? Do you move over a lane when possible? If you do, that's good, because it's the law. When people don't follow that law, it can result in serious consequences in the form of a collision with injuries or fatalities.

Yes, mouthwash can result in a DUI charge in Tennessee

You were late for work, so you quickly swished the closest mouthwash you could find before running out the door to your vehicle. Somewhat rushed, you sped through an area of the town known for having police officers. Shortly after seeing you drive by, one of them pulled you over for speeding and driving in a reckless manner.

Can you get a DUI without failing a blood or breath test?

One thing you may not have known about a DUI is that you can get one even if you're not over the legal limit. How is that possible, and is it legal? Unfortunately, it is legal and it's possible if the officer can prove that you were intoxicated enough to be a threat to yourself or others.

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