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Using a gun during a crimes leads to harsher penalties

The United States protects your right to obtain and own a firearm, but there is a limit as to what people can do with them. When it comes to violence, firearms are a major cause of serious and fatal injuries. In cases involving individuals who have used weapons, the courts often come down hard, penalizing them to the fullest extent of the law.

Tennessee reports 25 percent increase in firearm-related crimes

If you are caught with an illegal weapon or a gun you're not legally allowed to own, you can get into trouble with the law. It's particularly difficult to get away with owning a weapon you're not supposed to have when the number of crimes involving guns is increasing. That's the case in Tennessee, which is why it's so important to defend yourself if you're caught with a gun illegally.

Police: Losing weapons that turn up in later crimes

Agencies are answering for dozens of missing police guns, at least one of which has been found following a homicide. It's a mistake for the police to leave their weapons in places where they can be stolen. When they are, it leaves others vulnerable to weapons crimes.

Are gun crimes increasing in Tennessee?

Being accused of a gun crime can mean that your right to possess a gun is threatened. It's within your rights to challenge any accusation against you. Why are gun charges so serious today, though, when they seemingly weren't in the past? This is a change as a result of the following information.

What happens if you're falsely accused of gun crimes?

Being falsely accused of a gun crime can make it hard for you to protect your reputation. You may have to spend time and energy defending yourself, and that could mean spending less time doing the things you need to do to live comfortably. A false allegation can mean being arrested, missing work and being impacted in other ways.

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